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In-home paint nights


I will come to your home for a paint night. Any occasion you would like. Birthday, Girls night, kid's party, coworker gathering, specifically a paint night with friends and family.


I recommend a 3 hour paint time, it allows everyone to take their time and not rush. For kids, it depends on age, I suggest not younger than 6 or 7 years old (1st grade age), kid's paint time would be less depending on age and how many painters. Contact me for details of a kid paint party.

Number of painters: 2-10 painters for a more intimate setting with less people, and I am only one person to help all of you make a masterpiece! 

Canvas size, 16x20 inches for adult painting unless asking for a different size. Kid canvas size, 11x14 inches, unless asking for a different size. 

Canvas size options: 20x24 inches; 16x20 inches; 11x14 inches; 9x12 inches

Choosing a painting- Since this is a custom paint night, you have options, unlike going to a big commercial business, I will work with you on something that you like and you want to paint. You can give me ideas of a theme. For example: water, abstract tree, wine glass, high heels, or flowers to name a few.

Prices start at $30 per person

Distance to drive can become a factor, contact me for specifics. 

I come by myself, I bring everything that you need to paint with. I'll need access to a sink for water cups, plus a quick rinsing of paint brushes at the end. For more than 5 people we will need two tables. I will bring table cloths for all tables in use. I will provide guided instructions to complete the painting. 


Please contact me by email with an interest in setting up a paint night. I will get back to you within two business days. Please make the Subject line say Paint Night.

Contact me with any questions you have about a paint night! I'm hear to help.